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chocolate machines

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Avamo is the exclusive representative of Packint for France and Spain.

Packint is specialized in the manufacture of kitchens for the production of chocolate, coumpound, cream, etc, and lines of moulding for the production of hard and/or filled shelves, hard and/or lined chocolates, the seafood, small chocolate egg and any other form leaving individual or coupled mould which are used in industries of confectioneries, biscuit factories, chocolate factories, etc...

Its compact kitchens, made completely out of stainless steel, are assembled on platforms and completely prewired.
The capacities vary between 1000 and 8000 kg of product refined perfectly in 8 hours.
These machines are the result of a long experiment in the sector of the chocolate.

With the installations, we provide technology and the receipts necessary to produce all the kinds of covers to the various tastes (black, with milk, white covers, coloured...).
The installations can, moreover, produce covers coloured containing fat content, with various fruit tastes (fruits tropical, lemon, orange, strawberry, ...).




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