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chocolate machines

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This line is designed for ice cream, biscuits or snack producers who want to diversify production during low season, or for confectionary factories looking for flexible medium quantity productions.
The plant is composed by the Chocolate Production Line, one Tempering Machine and the Moulding Line for chocolate sweets and tablets.

The Chocolate Line is fully automated with recipe control by means of PLC.
It is provided with one fats melter divided in two parts for cocoa mass and cocoa butter, two fats pumps, two fats technological pipes, three powder feeders for milk, cocoa and sugar powder, one mixer, one recycling pump, one ball mill and two storage tanks connected with Molding Line. 

The chocolate delivered to a small tank is tempered and then sent to first and  third dosing machines, to make shell and bottom of sweets.
The second dosing machine supplies cream filling and two dispensers provide  nuts for chocolate sweets filling and tablets.
A lift increases permanence inside the tunnel till 30 minutes. The line ends with an automatic de-moulding system on  plates .  

Packint completes its lines with flowpack, portfolio-style, Twist and double twist - style  Packing Machines.


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