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chocolate machines

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These plants are based on low speed ball mill technology, that ensures long life equipment, low energy consumption  and minimum iron content inside the final product, preventing oxidation. 
Chocolate and cream lines ensure a production from 100 Kg/h to 1000 Kg/h.

Hourly production*


Iron residue *** 

Installed power


130 Kg

23 μm

< 8 p.p.m.

40 Kw


250-300 Kg

23 μm

< 8 p.p.m.

82 Kw


500-600 Kg

23 μm

< 8 p.p.m.

115 Kw


900-1000 Kg

23 μm

< 8 p.p.m.

176 Kw

  • * : production capacities refer to a chocolate recipe with 34% cocoa mass, 17% cocoa butter, 49% icing sugar at 80 microns.
    Capacities vary according to recipe and ingredients quality.
  • ** : by refining we intend the ninetieth percentile of the distribution curve of particles dimension, i.e. the dimension under which is 90% of particles.  
  • *** : the quantity of iron present in chocolate  is a fundamental to measure the value of refining machines : a high residue of this metal implies a higher possibility of chocolate oxidation, reaction for which iron is a catalyst.
    The quantity of 8 p.p.m. is minimal, certifying the very high quality of utilized materials.
    All reported data come from strict laboratory analysis carried out in private institutes and with the co-operation of Università degli Studi di Milano and of  Politecnico di Milano.

The standard components of  production lines are: fats melter, powders feeder, mixer, ball refiners, storage tanks, fats and chocolate pumps, double jacked technological pipes, antislip platform, control electric board.
Automation can reach full recipe control by means of  PLC  and industrial PC systems throughout loading cells under the mixer. Plants can be per batch or continuous.
The company  supplies  turnkey projects, starting from a single ball refiner up to the most automated plant.

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