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The tempering machines with four-phase temperature according to the classic tempering fundamentals, 40°C  32°C  28°C  31°C, cover different capacities: 200 Kg/h, 300 Kg/h, 600 Kg/h.
Each plant foresees a decrystallizer with return to tank for excess product.
It is also possible to couple a chiller to the tempering machine for recovery of excess hot water.

The new moulding line is a plant designed to satisfy the demand of a customer who wants to produce plain and filled chocolate tablets, plain and filled chocolate sweets, sea shells, small eggs and any other shape deriving from a single or coupled mould.
The range of production is from 180 Kg/h to 350 Kg/h depending on desired final product.
The lines can be completed with particular dispensers for dried fruits, puffed rice and liquids, furthermore the company realizes turnkey projects starting from the standard plant.
All these lines are completely PLC controlled.
The main features of the line are production flexibility (easy change from filled to plain chocolate and viceversa), the very good production capacity, the extreme compactness (no more than 34 m2 for the highest capacities), the high quality of finished product and prices extremely  competitive.
The unique characteristic of this line is the possibility of being installed initially for plain chocolate only and afterwards of being easily modified for the production of filled chocolate, allowing customer in this way a graduality in his investments.

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