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Chocolate melting tank MCM 150kg
Aasted AMK500P chocolate tempering machine
Chocolate depositor KNOBEL CCM 50/100
Aasted AMC 150 Supernova chocolate tempering machine
Chocolate tempering and depositing line
Used Buhler 5 roll refiner 1000mm
800mm OKAMATIK DUPLEX depositor type AQ 08
Aasted Mikroverk 250 temperer
Sollich 600mm enrober
Sollich enrobing line 800mm with cooling tunnel
EISKONFEKT Ice chocolats production line
Wolf TC420 chocolate enrober
Extrudeuse coupe-fil Savy Goiseau TEX 10
Fondoir de chocolat 100kg Nielsen 1983
Nielsen 500kg chocolate tank
Nielsen 250mm enrobing line
Chocolate or cream filling machine
Couleuse de chocolat ou fourrage Gunther Walker
Second hand Kreuter enrober 600mm
Metra chocolate holding tank 2T
Selmi chocolate enrobing line 300mm
Savy Goiseau Sebsachoc T22 chocolate enrober
Sollich chocolate enrobing machine TS620 600mm + cooling tunnel
Chocolate cooling tunnel 10m
Nielsen Chocolate tank 250Kg
Nielsen Master 510 chocolate enrobing machine
Nielsen Junior 420 chocolate enrobing machine 420mm
Aasted chocolate temperer 250Kgh
Sollich chocolate enrobing line 800mm
Hacos melangeur mixer 500Kg h
Hacos eggs, seafruits chocolates molding line
Hacos chocolate temperer HTR1000 1000Kg h
Hacos chocolate temperer HTR500 500Kg h
Metra chocolate temperer 500Kg h
Hacos Van Meulenbeke cooling tunnel 12m
Sollich tempering machine MST 600V 600Kgh
Thouet chocolat mixer 500Kg
Thouet Chocolate holding tank 1500Kg
Carle-Montanari chocolate molding line Cavemil Biscuits MLP 275
Nielsen Chocolate holding tank 1 ton
Nielsen tempering machine AEN 250
Nielsen chocolate enrobing machine 800mm
Carle Montanari Beta 20 Tempering machine
Hacos chocolate enrobing machine 300mm
Winkler & Dunnebier cream filled chocolate molding line
Winkler & Dunnebier plain chocolate molding line
Inox holding tank with mixer 650L
Chocolate Enrobing machine Chocotech CT60 600mm
Otto Haensel Foil bunch wrapper for chocolate & eggs balls
Drais ball mill capacity 500Kg
Bauermeister & Incus almonds peeling & blanching line
Chocolate melting tank 500Kg Carle-Montanari
Horizontal 20T Chocolate Tank MT409
Vertical chocolate Tank 6 tonsVT404
Chocolate Enrobing machine CHOCOTECH 800 mm wide
Vertical chocolate holding tank 3T
Chocolate molding line 400 to 500 Kg per hour


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