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Our intervention is at the level of amelioration of your existing receipts or development of new formulas on your site of production.
These new receipts are validated by industrial tests what enables us to fix all the parameters: taste, machine run, conservation...
A receipt it's made of a whole of matters which mix.
That can appear banal but it's more complex that it appears, because we intervene on several parameters:

  • the order of setting of the ingredients (mechanical and chemical reaction)
  • the time of kneadings or mixture for each stage (mechanical and chemical reaction)
  • rate of the maximum and mini recycling to have a regular quality temperatures not to exceed

Thereafter the cooking will come, which it also request an attention and a management with whole share.
The oven or the cooker will have to be optimized, while taking care of all the parameters which permit to cook in the best time without worsening quickly.
The final product will have to answer several criteria:

  •  Have a beautiful aspect (the same one with each production)
  • Have a big shafe life
  • Have dimensions standards for each production (more concern at the time of conditioning)
  • Pass easily out of machine to avoid the maximum waste


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