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The Story of the Confectionary

At the beginning, 600 years ago before our era, there was the "reed which gives honey without the help of the bees", discovered by the Persians, which maintained the secrecy jealously of it... till Alexandre Le Grand, in IVème century before JC, brings it back with him and which its culture gradually spreads along the Mediterranean basin. Later, in XII century, the Cross ones make discover to Europe the cane with sugar... It's the beginning of the confectionery... During a long period, sugar - regarded as a remedy as well as all other spices - is used and sold very expensive by the apothecaries. In parallel, a luxury confectionery appears with the 1st candied fruits and the marmalades. But it's at the end of XIVème century, whereas Europe organizes its sugar trade, real rise of the confectionery is possible. Creations and new receipts appear: the candied fruits develop with the arrival of the Popes in Avignon whereas are born dragees, nougats and dress. "drageries", also called "spices of bedrooms", delicacies offered to the end of the meal, multiply. From the XVIIème century, frozen pastilles, chestnuts appear... The confectioners open shop in Paris. Their stores are the appointment of the company of the rich person middle-class. This is only at the XIX century that sugar is really democratized, thanks to appearance of the beet sugar. It's a true revolution... and since, the confectioners don't stop to create new candies and new specialities, resulting from the tradition and all their know-how, whose majority exist still today.

Article published on November 20 2007
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