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Technique of manufacture

What is link between a "recipe" and a "technique of manufacture" called also process ?

In fact, a recipe without process is worth. It is well necessary to understand that in the bet of ingredients you must respect an order!

A recipe can have different results according to order of bet of ingredients. On a mechanical level also; in the sense that party of time you must put fatty and liquid ingredients in first.

If you put powders in first, you are going to block the machine in the best of cases; most part of the time you will burn the motor or break the transmision.

That's why it's importing for you or your collaborators to note the process perfectly during the visit of a consultant. Don't forget to note the mixing times. The mixing times are so important that order to bet ingrédients, especially with the flour or with the ingredients based on gluten, grains,...

Here is so take your pen :)

Article published on November 20 2007
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