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Crunch new packaging

Crunch, the crispy rice brand to acquire a packaging to the effect of ripping, transposing into the real life one of its spring advertising. After an initial phase through a sham suggesting a piece of tablet on the new packaging renovated by the agency Design Alpha Centauri, it will launch a system for easy opening to reproduce the gesture of tearing to chew without delay in chocolate. And it will leave the "graffiti artist" Nasty care of "tagging" its packaging. What affect teenagers who form a large part of his audience. "The brand has always surprised and had in its genes on one side irreverent, provocative notes Muriel Koch, marketing manager of Crunch. The tag as the new system are tearing a way to highlight the uniqueness of the tablet. "Incidentally, the industry extends its offer with a version hazelnut chips in addition to references butterscotch chips and white chocolate out earlier in the year. To discover them, the agency JWT Paris has designed a Facebook application where the user takes a photo of a friend, tears and replaced by a shifted image.

Article published on September 24 2009
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