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Otto Hansel Strada 900 Hard candy line
Second hand Otto Hansel Strada 900 Hard candy line
Complete line & in working order including centre filler for powders
OTTO HANSEL Hard Candy Cooking & Forming Line
Year: 1978. Last used in production in February 2008
With :
- Contimelt 1009/1012, built in 1978, continuous dissolver & pre-cooker of sugar solutions.
- Sucromat 1704, built in 1967, continuous cooker for sugar solutions.
- Hot & Cold Table.
- RUFFINATI IM30H Candy Kneader, built in 1980, machine number 020.
- HSF-2400 Centre Filling Machine, built in 1970.
- Strada-900 Forming Line, built in 1983, with HKR-2304 Batch Roller fitted with Powder Centre Filler, HZU-2606 Rope Sizer, UP-2910 Forming Section with at least 7 different dies, and HKB-3016 Cooler.

Capacity: Strada-900 Line is rated at up to 1000Kgs per hour.
Exit from Cooler into Sugar Sanding Drum.

Some original operating manuals & spare parts lists are included.
Sugar Sanding drum is not included.

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