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800mm OKAMATIK DUPLEX depositor type AQ 08
Used 800mm OKAMATIK DUPLEX depositor type AQ 08
Multi-flexible Duplex-depositor producing two-coloured extruded, co-extruded and jigged sweets
Year: 2012
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Mass: fat mass, marzipan, beat up mass (600-900 kg/m^3)
Method: extrusion, co-exstrusion, jigging, one shot
Profile: precise (+/- 2%) equipment with LCU control and modular construction
Requirements: easy and quick change of format (<20 minutes)
Simple cleaning with water
Speed: 1.000kg/h, tape speed 2,5-7,0 m/min
Drive: non wiper servomotors for feeding rollers, pinions, drives for lifting and following movements, cutting mechanism

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